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About Scalp Micropigmentation

What Is Scalp Micropigmentation?

Scalp micropigmentation; also known as SMP, hairtattoos or head tattoos, is a hairloss solution that is rising in popularity in the United States. And for good reason. It’s a minimally invasive procedure that gets immediate results for anyone suffering from hairloss or baldness. Elite Institute is proud to be first company which brought this modern hair loss solution to great state of Georgia 10 years ago.

Advantages of SMP

  • The most realistic results.
  • The least amount of pain during procedure and after.
  • The most durable results.
  • One and done solution.
  • No fear of being find out
  • No side effects
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What We Do

Elite Institute is committed to produce the best quality and the most natural hair replication possible. In last nine years we’re able to develop specific techniques which allow us to produce the most realistic hair replication in Atlanta.

Our deep knowledge in this industry allow us to pick the best needles and pigments which produce long lasting results and the least discomfort during the procedure.

If you choose Elite Institute you will ensure quality of hair replication and the knowledge to keep and regrow your hair like nowhere else, you can put your hair loss problems behind.

Hairline Restoration

Hairline Restoration

The most important part of SMP, it creates right proportions for your face as well as younger appearance, natural hairline that makes you proud.

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SMP for Hair Density

SMP for Hair Density

Strengthen and add density to thinning or bald areas for the appearance of thicker, hair. Our technique allow us to make it completely undetectable

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Camouflage Scars

Scar Camouflage

Hide scars from accidents or surgery with small color matched hair follicle deposits.

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Elite Institute of Micropigmentation

  • Platinum member of American Academy of micropigmentation
  • We are member of Better Business Bureau
  • Our specific technique allow us to produce the most natural and long lasting results.
  • Our diverse portfolio of men and women of any ethnicity and hair color.
  • Recognized as industry leader and loved by customers.
  • Our 3 Round Needles Deliver Long-Lasting results
  • The most experience artist back by American Academy of micropigmentation.

What Makes Us #1 in Atlanta FIVE STAR REVIEWS

The Awesome Results

Elite Institute of Micropigmentation results speak for themselves. Because we know a natural look is important, every treatment of Elite is guaranteed to not blur, migrate or change color.

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Scalp micro pigmentation is a modern hair loss solution which produce immediate and natural long lasting results.

it’s not easy to choose the right pigments for different type of skin and hair color that’s why it’s very important to find artist who has plenty of experience like Elite Institute of Micropigmentation. They have enough knowledge to work with any client of any ethnicity with any hair or skin color.

Price for scalp micro pigmentation varies on person to person and depends on the amount of hair loss and other factors. Here at Elite Institute of Micropigmentation you will get the best quality and the most realistic hair done in the best price possible. Please visit our office for complementary consultation and see why 99% of our clients are choosing us versus our competitors.

If it’s not done properly your procedure will fade or migrate and will not look natural. Elite institute created specific technique which creates natural and lasting results. We choose only the best available pigments and needles which approved by FDA to insure such a great results.

Experience of our artist allow us to produce completely undetectable results even though if it’s not properly done it can be easily detected by others.

In order to replicate tiny hair follicle we use very small needles but painless procedure is ensured by our specific technique which we developed. Most of our clients sleeping during procedure.

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Contact us for your free, no obligation consultation. Privately, discuss your specific questions and concerns and determine if Scalp Micropigmentation is right for you. Let’s start the conversation — you have nothing to lose and your restored hairline and confidence to gain!

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